About Us

“Frontier Market Scouts discover local entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs discover investors, and help investors discover  entrepreneurs in places that  need both the most.  In the process the Scouts discover themselves, their passion, their talent, their fortitude and adaptability and their career and life paths.”        – Dr. Yuwei Shi, PhD. founder of the FMS program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies,  dean and professor of Strategic Management at the Graduate School of International Policy and Management. 

ORIGIN AND HISTORY   The Frontier Markets Scouts program was envisioned by Sabiha Rumani Malik and Yuwei Shi, and established in 2011 at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, MIIS, with contributions from Sabiha Malik, and under the leadership of  Yuwei Shi. MIIS’  Center for Social Impact Learning was created on these foundations in 2014.

RECOGNITION   The  Frontier Markets Scouts program is  impact driven and sustainability focused, and widely recognized by field professionals as one of the most innovative and high impact initiatives in the social entrepreneurship sector.  Just two years after launch, in 2013, it won the Ashoka U-Cordes Award for Impact, Innovation and Potential for Replicabilityprobably the most prestigious award in the social entrepreneurship sector.


Sanghata Global enables social  innovation for transformational change and helps create a more inclusive form of capitalism.

 OUR FRONTIER MARKET SCOUTS PROGRAM   The Frontier Market Scouts program provides two-week trainings followed by a 3 – 6 month field placements.  Scouts on field assignments help conceptualize a business idea, develop a business plan and an entrepreneurial team, provide due diligence to  impact investors, obtain investment capital and scale businesses.The  trainings  and field experience  transform capable young professionals into consciously compassionate, people-centred  talent scouts serving local entrepreneurs in low-income areas around the world. Read More

OUR WORK  The Sanghata Global ecosystem extends to 28 countries, on 5 continents.

OUR PARTNERS   Our key partner is the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  Our field partner is Village Capital. Our program partners are the de Baak Management Centre, the  Sorenson Center for Global Impact Investing, Ashesi University and a constantly expanding network of business practitioners, impact investors, organizations and like-minded program partners.

OUR IMPACT   Since our launch in 2011, we have  trained  270 social enterprise professionals from 17 diverse countries,  served 100+ social entrepreneurs this year in 28 countries,  and collaborated with 80 placement partners.  Read More

For insights into the impact of our Scouts work   Read More