Our partners

Poverty is an affliction that requires creative, collaborative problem solving by inspired and dedicated professionals across different sectors, cultural and geographical boundaries.

Sanghata’s partners work with philanthropic investors and capital providers who do not receive a commercial return. All investment done in relation with Village Capital and our Frontier Market Scouts educational programs is managed by ImpactAssets, a 501(c)(3) entity under IRS law in the United States.

Sanghata’s primary, key partner is the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, California.

Sanghata believes that educators can play a major role by preparing the next-generation of leaders who have real world experience of social entrepreneurship in an international context. Monterey Institute’s mission is well aligned with ours. It is one of the few higher education institutions that set its mission to train the next generation of global leaders to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. It is also one of premier institutions in the world in pioneering cross-cultural and cross-border learning.

Sanghata Global is a  Global Founding Sponsor of Village Capital.

Sanghata partner Village Capital facilitates the placements of Frontier Market Scouts with entrepreneurs directly addressing poverty in emerging markets. The approach requires building peer groups of entrepreneurs, running programs focused on improving the cohort’s businesses, and at the end, pre-committing capital from partners to companies selected by their peers.


ImpactSpace is the open data and resources platform powering the global impact market.

ImpactSpace promotes social enterprises and their impact on their online platform. Together with their media site ImpactAlpha and blogging platform ImpactRoots, ImpactSpace offers you a chance to showcase  venture, their experiences and their collaboration in this growing field.  With over 3000 companies, 500 investors and over 1000 people in their online network, ImpactSpace grows  networks,  and reaches out to field practitioners and explore impact investing.

ImpactSpace is a proud partner of Sanghata Global and the Frontier Market Scouts. Impact data is provided and maintained through the FMS and Sanghata programs.

The Lifeboat Foundation supports Sanghata initiatives.

The Lifeboat Foundation is a world-class think tank with a rich cognitive diversity of philosophers, economists, biologists, nanotechnologists, AI researchers, educators, policy experts, engineers, lawyers, ethicists, futurists, neuroscientists, physicists, space experts, and other top thinkers.

Our PLACEMENT Partners

The Frontier Market Scouts Program collaborates with a network of social enterprises, impact investment funds and incubators in around the world.  Below are some of the organizations with whom we partner or have partnered.


  • Acumen Fund
  • Agora Partnerships
  • Artemisia
  • Berytech
  • Choice Capital
  • Dasra
  • Ecsel
  • Enzi
  • F123 Group
  • First Light
  • Good Capital
  • Grassroots
  • Grey Ghost
  • Growth Africa
  • Halloran Philanthropies
  • Hub BOG
  • Hub Cap Entrepreneur Endowment Fund
  • Hub Istanbul
  • Hub Westminster
  • Impact Amplifier
  • Invested Development
  • Kinara
  • Lofty Inc.
  • Market Knowledge & Insight
  • Nahdetmasr
  • New Ventures
  • New World Innovation
  • Nike Centre for Art and Culture
  • Pan-African University
  • Pomona Impact
  • Potencia Ventures
  • Prodev
  • Qmágico
  • Root Change
  • Shell Foundation
  • Snv
  • Spark
  • Stichting DOEN
  • Svt Group
  • Under the Mango Tree
  • Vox Capital
  • v-shesh
  • Wennovation Hub
  • Yachana Foundation
  • One Degree Solar
  • de Baak
  • iKure
  • WasteCapital Partners