Practising Capitalism Consciously to create a Culture of Prosperity for All

SANGHATA GLOBAL helps reduce poverty worldwide through entrepreneurship and enterprise development.

OUR VISION   Practising conscious capitalism to  create a culture of prosperity for all 

OUR MISSION STATEMENT   Sanghata Global provides opportunities globally to entrepreneurs by enabling them to build businesses that have sustainable positive impact on their communities, environments and the world.

OUR VALUES   We believe that  social renewal depends on exercise of the democratic virtues of solidarity, trust, and civic friendship that inspire our work.


OUR PROGRAM    Widely recognized by field professionals as one of the most innovative and high impact initiatives in the social entrepreneurship sector, our action-oriented  Frontier Market Scouts program  helps reduce poverty worldwide through entrepreneurship and enterprise development. Read More

OUR  IMPACT     Since our launch in 2011, we have  trained  200 social enterprise professionals,  served 100 social entrepreneurs in 25 countries, and collaborated with 80 placement partners in all 5 continents. Sanghata is contributing to world stability by using the tools of capitalism innovatively,  bringing individual ingenuity to bear on the challenge of economic inequality.  

AWARD    In 2013, just two years after its launch, our Frontier Market Scouts Program won an international award, the prestigious Ashoka U-Cordes Award for Impact, Innovation and Potential For Replicability. Read More

OUR FMS TRAININGS  The FMS  program consists of 2- week intensive  trainings in impact investment and entrepreneurship management  that prepare Scouts/Fellows for 3-6 month field placements around the world.

The Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. Read More
The James Sorenson Center for Global Impact Investing at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read More
The De Baak Management Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Read More
The Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana. Read More

What does Sanghata mean?   ‘Sanghata’  alighted in my mind as  a bird alights.  I then discovered that ‘sanghata’ is a Sanskrit term implying the  transformation that occurs  when we  consciously join or connect, and I thought, that’s it. World consciousness rises to a more integral, empathetic level as more and more people share responsability for creating a culture of prosperity for all.

 People don’t  have to depend on their governments alone to solve the problem of economic inequality, the private sector can fill in the gaps left by governments.